Dj Pied Piper

Dj Pied Piper shot to fame with his #1 hit "Do You Really Like It"

DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies was a UK garage collaboration between the producer and DJ Pied Piper (real name Eugene Nwohia); and MCs DT, Melody, Sharky P, and the Unknown MC (Kamanchi Sly, formerly of the group Hijack) (real names - Ronnie Nwohia, Connor Bostock, Ashley Livingstone and Steve Wickham). They are best known for their one-hit wonder entitled "Do You Really Like It?", which gained the number one spot in the UK Singles Chart during the Summer of 2001. They also released the single "We R Here", but it failed to enter the UK chart.

DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies can occasionally be heard as guests on DJ EZ's weekly UKG show on Kiss 100. They also have tracks on the popular UK garage compilation album series Pure Garage.

DJ Pied Piper and the Unknown MC are brothers and are from Brixton.